We hope you and your family are doing well and staying safe.  As we work towards finalizing our plans for our 2021 summer session, we would like to update you with our proposed changes.

Based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Camp Association (ACA), we are working diligently on protocols to create the safest environment for campers and staff. 

For those of you who have not yet registered, please visit www.ganizzyla.org/signin to complete the registration process. Spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

CAMP DATES & AGES: Our tentative dates are currently Wednesday, June 30th to Friday, August 13th (subject to change) from 9am - 3pm for our Mini Gan Izzy (3s, 4s, and 5s) and our CGI Girls Division - 1st - 5th grade

CAMP CALENDAR: Any off-campus trips will follow Health Department guidelines. We will add enhanced on-campus activities for campers.  An updated calendar will be published before camp starts. 

GROUP SIZES:  Bunks will be reduced to the allowable amount as per the Health Department. We will re-tool our schedule to ensure that groups will be as socially distant from each other as possible. Counselors will wear a mask at all times.

SCREENED DROP-OFF: Campers and staff will have their temperatures taken upon arriving at camp.  No one with a temperature of 100° or higher will be allowed on campus.
HAND WASHING: Campers & staff must wash hands with soap and water or sanitize hands upon arrival, after using the restroom, before and after eating, before and after using shared equipment and after sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose. Campers may wear a mask if they would like – this is not required. All staff will wear masks all day. 

OUTSIDE VISITORS: We will treat our campus as a safe zone. California guidelines exclude having non-essential visitors, including parents, on campus to avoid extra exposure.

CAMPUS CLEANLINESS:  Extra maintenance staff will be onsite to disinfect all equipment and activity areas in between groups. At the end of each day, custodians will sanitize and clean the entire campus. 

TRANSPORTATION: Our use of bus transportation will follow Health Department guidelines.

SWIMMING: We will update you if swimming on-campus is deemed permissible.

LA County Health Department has mandated regulations which we will incorporate in an effort to limit exposure to COVID-19.

* All procedures are based on the latest guidelines, recommendations and policies from the state and County. We will communicate with you any updates or real-time pertinent information via email.


• Bunk sizes are limited.
• Children must remain in the same group throughout the day.
• Groups may not be able to use the same space at the same time, such as the playground and multipurpose room.
• Spaces that will be used by more than one group during the day will be sanitized and disinfected between use
• Physical distancing (6 feet) for children and adults within the classroom and outdoors will be followed as best as possible.
• During nap time, when possible we will keep each mat 6 feet apart. When we are unable to, the children will nap head to feet.

• Toys that cannot be cleaned and sanitized will be removed from the classroom. 
• There will be a limited number of toys and materials in the classroom in general to reduce the risk of contact contamination.
• We will follow strict sanitizing procedures at the end of each day and take extra precaution with any materials that may have come into contact with children’s saliva, mucus or any other bodily fluid.
• Sharing of toys will be avoided as much as possible. A container labeled “used” will be placed in each bunk to facilitate separation of clean and played with toys. They will be cleaned and disinfected before re-use.

• All staff will wear masks and/or face shields.
• Children under 3 cannot wear masks.
• Children 3 years and older may wear face coverings if so desired. We will do our best to have them keep it on. Please provide the mask for your child.
• Children with any breathing issues should not be wearing a mask.
• Children will not nap with masks.

• All staff and children will practice healthy hand hygiene.
• All staff and children will be required to wash their hands upon arrival each day.
• Soap and water for 18 seconds (singing happy birthday song) at each washing is recommended. An alternate use of a 60% alcohol-based hand foam or gel is also acceptable.
• Children will be encouraged to wash or sanitize more frequently, especially after blowing their nose, coughing or sneezing, and before and after eating.

• All classrooms, bathrooms, office spaces and kitchen have been deep cleaned and sanitized.
• Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected more frequently during the day. Doorknobs, light switches, classroom sink handles, countertops, toilets, desks, chairs and cubbies will be wiped down to ensure your child’s safety. This is in addition to our janitorial services.
• Cleaning products are EPA- approved for use against the virus that causes Covid-19.
• Cleaning materials are kept secure and out of reach of children.

We are setting up the following procedures in order to limit the risk of exposure to and minimize the spread of Covid-19. Families, including guardians, siblings, parents, and caretakers will not be allowed in the building to minimize contact and gathering. The building will only be open to teaching staff and essential building staff.

Drop Off:
• Drop Off is through the alley ONLY. Staff will be outside in the alley from 8:45-9:00am. No drop off from the front entrance.
• Staff will greet your child and perform a hands-free temperature check and guide your child to their bunk.
• Please remain in your vehicle at all times.
• If you come to camp later for drop off please call the office @310-271-6193 ext. 112 and a staff member will come to your car to escort your child to their bunk.
• Reminder: We ask guardians, parents, siblings and caregivers not to enter the building or play yard to limit exposure and risk.
• Please have a pen in your car to sign in.

Pick Up:
• For pick up, staff will be in the alley and will have your child escorted to the car when you arrive.
• Please come between 2:30pm-3:00pm to pick up your child/ren so that they aren’t waiting unnecessarily.
• If you arrive earlier than the times listed, please call the office when you are here and we will have your child brought to your car.
• Please remain in your vehicle.
• Again, please have a pen in your car to sign out.

• Please take a temperature check at home prior to bringing your child/ren to the center
• Keep your child/ren home if they are showing any signs of symptoms or sickness
• Any child with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be sent home for a minimum of 72 hours.
• Children must be symptom free for 72 hours before returning to camp (without the aid of a fever reducing medication).
• If your child has an excessive runny nose, cough, or sneeze, we will ask you to pick up your child and keep them home for 72 hours. In some cases, a note from your child’s doctor will be required for your child to return.
• If your child shows symptoms while at camp, they will be separated from the rest of the children and you will need to pick him/her up within 30 minutes.
• If you have multiple children, and one child has a fever or symptoms at drop off, your other child will not be able to attend.
• If you, your spouse or other members of your family have a temperature or are sick, we respectfully request that you keep your child home.

• Staff temperatures will be taken upon arrival and as needed.
• Children’s temperatures will be taken while in the car upon arrival and as needed.

• We will be limiting what students can bring from home.
• Please send a water bottle-we will refill it as needed.
• Lunch containers and water bottles need to be taken home and washed daily.
• For nap-time, please bring a sheet/blanket in a non-porous bag. Please take it home and launder it daily. Staff will bring it to the car at pick up.

• All staff will wear a mask/face shield while they are with any children at Camp Gan Izzy.
• No staff shall work at Camp Gan Izzy if showing any symptoms of illness.
• All staff will take their temperature daily upon arrival at our facility and as needed.

Due to new regulations, if we experience an exposure or presumed exposure, we must close our center for a minimum of 24 hours. If this happens, staff will do our best to notify you of any camp closures as soon as possible to allow for you to make alternate arrangements for your family.


According to the CDC and California guidelines; During this time, if any family member/child participates in any travel within or outside the United States, your child may not return to camp for 14 days while you monitor the traveler and family’s health prior to remittance to our center.