As a camp dedicated to the some of the youngest members of our community, we understand that many of our campers are not old enough to make sound decisions when it comes to what should go into their mouths and are therefore less able to manage their allergies. While our staff does an amazing job of cleaning and wiping down playing surfaces, toys, and chairs, there are some children within our camp who could have a serious allergic reaction from contact with even a microscopic amount of the offending foods. As we work on transition with the little ones, there are many instances where children use common space within our facility and it is because of this that we have decided to make our camp a Peanut Sensitive camp.

We ask that no peanuts be brought into our camp. Foods sent in for snack, lunch, or any event (including parties, field trips, etc.) should be carefully checked to make sure they are peanut-free. This means the product cannot contain peanuts and and cannot have the following warnings: “may contain…”; “processed in a facility…”, and “manufactured on shared equipment…”

Families can help ensure that our camp stays peanut-free by reading packaging labels and by reminding children not to share food with other children at camp. We need to make sure that there is little opportunity for a child to be exposed to foods that could harm him/her.

We appreciate your cooperation with this policy—the sacrifice of not having nuts or nut products in the camp is a small one to make compared to the consequences a child with severe allergies could face. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the camp office