Camp Gan Israel of LA and Beverly Hills debuted their camp music video "This is the Greatest Camp." This was a production that took nearly two months of work from the dedicated CGI team. 

Borrowing the tune from 2017's smash hit musical The Greatest Showman, Adelle Bryski in collaboration with Brocha and Rochie Yemini reworked the lyrics to reflect the message of the camp - doing mitzvos and working to bring Moshiach, all through the unforgettable experience Gan Izzy has to offer. 

Open for nearly 40 years, Camp Gan Israel of LA and BH has consistently operated on the same values established by the Lubavitcher Rebbe - namely unity, Jewish pride, and Ahavat Yisroel. The mission of the camp has always been to imbue their campers with a strong sense of that message through an exciting, unparalleled summer experience.

Camp Director Brocha Yemini puts it this way: "CGI is a unique opportunity for every child to see the beauty of a Jewish Life - teaching them not in a classroom, but rather through their summers. We wanted this song to express that." 

The song was expertly arranged and recorded by Yisroel Drihem, produced by camp directors Brocha and Rochie Yemini, filmed and edited by Saada Productions, and performed by counselor Menny Feldman, 19, and camper Anaelle Halpern, 5. 

Congratulations are in order for excellent work on the music video as well as an impressive finish to an outstanding summer. Special thanks to head staff members Batya Kessler, Yossi Ostfeld, Roy Tal, Yetzirah Cohen, and Yaacov Fakiro for making this video, and the wonderful camp experience it showcases, possible